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E.g., 2019-03-20
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ON Semiconductor Announces New Multimedia Analog Audio Switch and High Precision Current Sense Amplifiers for USB-C Applications
 New devices ideal for tablets, smartphones, laptops and other USB-C and power-oriented applications ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, has announced two new products that can be used together in USB-C(Type-C)... MORE /
30 Aug 2018
Dragino launches Dual Channels LoRa gateway
 LG02 & OLG02 are open source dual channels LoRa Gateways. They can be used to bridge LoRa wireless network to IP network via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G or 4G cellular. The LoRa wireless allows users to send data and reach extremely long ranges at... MORE /
30 Aug 2018
Maximize System Performance with Microchip’s Dual-mode Power Monitoring IC
 Single IC offers industry-leading accuracy for real-time power measurement of AC and DC power supplies In systems that use both AC and DC power, the implementation of dual-mode power monitoring traditionally requires multiple ICs to ensure... MORE /
30 Aug 2018
Precision Power Conversion Platform Enables Disruptive Inverter Technology to Lower Solar Energy Cost
 ADSP-CM41xAnalog Devices, Inc. has introduced a revolutionary addition to its power conversion platform with an innovative series of mixed-signal control processors. The ADSP-CM41x series is designed to dramatically simplify system design, lower... MORE /
30 Aug 2018
Create High-Resolution Audio Devices Using Microchip’s New Bluetooth® Audio SoC with Sony’s LDAC™ Technology
 Bluetooth 5-compliant SoC enables immersive audio sound in Audeze’s award-winning, high-end Mobius gaming headphones With mainstream consumer demand for high-quality audio experiences growing, consumers expect Bluetooth audio devices to... MORE /
30 Aug 2018
 Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz is now offering high speed current steering logic (HCSL) versions of its ultra-low phase jitter EQJF clock oscillator range. HCSL outputs deliver a less “noisy” solution compared with static... MORE /
30 Aug 2018
High-Accuracy Wireless Temperature Sensor with Solar Battery Life Extender
 The DC2126A is a high-accuracy wireless temperature sensor, powered from ambient light, built using ADI integrated circuits. A 24-bit delta-sigma ADC reads a thermistor biased from a precision voltage reference. A switching power supply harvests... MORE /
30 Jul 2018
Traceable Patch Cords (TPC)
 Amphenol Fibre Optic Products presents an innovative solution for fibre patching. The Traceable Fibre Patch Cord (TPC) product line is an effective solution for eliminating interconnect errors in dense interconnect environments. From the back of... MORE /
30 Jul 2018
Microchip dual-core dsPIC® digital signal controller enables separate code design and seamless integration
 Microchip Technology Inc. has announced a new Digital Signal Controller (DSC) with two dsPIC DSC cores in a single chip for high-end embedded control applications. The dsPIC33CH has one core that is designed to function as a master while the other... MORE /
30 Jul 2018
AD8495 Interface to Type T Thermocouples
 Thermocouples are a common, inexpensive way to make precision temperature measurements over wide temperature ranges. Type T thermocouples (copper constantan) are sensitive, stable, easy to manufacture, and moisture tolerant—and the copper-to-... MORE /
30 Jul 2018

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