Dell OEM Computing Platforms


Dell OEM computing platforms offer the full suite of Dell product ranges that can be ruggedised or standard ICT products that encompass PC’s, laptops, Tablets, Screens, Media Players, gateways, servers and data storage solutions that can be off the shelf or custom built to a client’s requirements.

Product hardware – combined with flexible OpEX or CapEx purchasing based models that have variable warranties and self-managed or outsourced support options allows Altron Arrow AIS to provide a tailor-made solution to any ICT IoT customer.

  • Global Presence – Dell is a trusted brand internationally and is the preferred choice for many international companies
  • Complimentary Offering – Dell’s broad portfolio of consumer and workplace goods allows an end-to-end offering
  • Industry Standard – every server admin is familiar with Dell’s server offering, price and service 
  • Dell is a long established brand both locally and globally, with a vast array of resource to support customers and distributors
  • As Dell EMC providers we are in the unique position to provide Dell’s complete range of products from monitor to server 

Dell is considered as much an industry standard for servers as Cisco is for network switches. Making them invaluable partners in accessing 90% of ‘standard’ server opportunities – typically tenders and B2B.


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