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Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 09:00


Altron Arrow have announced the availability of the Omron HVC-P2 B5T-007001 Series, a built-in human condition recognition unit dubbed a "Human Vision Components" (HVC) system, which was originally launched in Japan in 2016.


The HVC is an image-sensing unit incorporating' proprietary "OKAO® Vision" technology for recognising human face expression, gender, age, gaze and blink into a camera module. The HVC-P2 boasts a maximum recognition speed 10 times that of previous models, making it possible to detect a human body four times per second (*), keeping track of a person within a detection area.


(*) Data based on a camera head placed within a 7.4-meter distance from a human body


Customers can also choose from two camera heads, a long-distance detection type and a wide-angle detection type, depending on their specific application purposes. A piece of equipment embedded with the HVC-P2 can detect and presume attributes and conditions of a user coming in its vicinity, without the user knowing the presence of a camera, making it possible to provide services deemed most suitable in view of the user's attributes.


The HVC-P2 can be embedded in a variety of equipment and machines to do various jobs involving humans and machines. One of the initial applications this technology was designed for was digitalising people's attention to advertisements including digital signage. The long-distance type of the HVC-P2 can detect and presume attributes of people, including gender and age, as well as their sight line and facial expression from a maximum distance of 3 meters, measuring, for example, the degree of attention people walking through a shopping mall pay to a digital signage system installed there.


“For the South African market, we see this camera as being an ideal technology for access control solutions,” says Dirk Venter, FAE at Altron Arrow. “This is an extremely cost-effective solution for any application requiring human detection capabilities”, says Venter.


Other applications could include, safeguarding people in manufacturing workplaces, keeping track of congestion in elevators, and watching out for people under care at nursing homes.


“In the future, with some further developments, such as infrared technology capabilities, we see this camera as being an ideal technology for vehicle tracking solutions,” says Venter. “The camera could be developed to be used as a driver identification safe guard. If the person attempting to start a vehicle is not on the database the vehicle won’t start. The various sensing functions would also be able to identify if the driver is fatigued and could pick up if there are any passengers in the vehicle.”


Main features

  1. 10 types of image-sensing functions are available for recognising human conditions in various perspectives: (1) face detection, (2) human body detection, (3) hand detection (4) face direction estimation, (5) gaze estimation, (6) blink estimation, (7) age estimation, (8) gender estimation, (9) expression estimation, (five facial expressions: neutral, happiness, surprise, anger & sadness) and (10) face recognition
    - Recognition and presumption come out in the form of digital data including the number of detections, angles and age as well as text data including facial expressions and gender.
  2. The HVC-P2 consists of a camera and a separate main board, connected via a flexible flat cable, allowing it to be installed on the edge of a flat display unit, which was difficult with previously available all-in-one units.
  3. Output image can be chosen from three types: no image output, 160x120 pixels and 320x240 pixels.


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