Expansion Boards for the Cherry Blossom

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 10:30

Altron Arrow’s locally developed Cherry Blossom development board has been put through its paces in various companies that are innovating through technology, while user testimonials suggest that it has the potential to be a world-class building block for novel ways to solve problems in the industry and enterprise space. Now the platform has been bolstered with a number of expansion boards.

These new stacker boards include:

LCD stacker board

  • Compatible with Beaglebone Black LCD Screens.
  • Supports various Powertip LCDs available from Altron Arrow.
  • Stackable design.


Industrial I/O base board

  • 2 x Serial Ports (3.3V Levels).
  • 5-12V DC input (1.5A).
  • 2 x 5V Out (regulated 500mA) and Unregulated Input Voltage out.
  • 8 x optical isolated inputs.
  • 8 x High side driver outputs (No overcurrent – fuse limited to 500mA total for the 8 ports).
  • 2 x USB High Speed Host ports.

HDMI stacker board

  • Micro HDMI connector.
  • Compatible with Beaglebone Black HDMI.


Ethernet stacker board

  • An Ethernet 10/100 connection with auto MDIX.
  • A USB 2.0 type A port (500mA max).
  • A DC-Jack for 5V power supply (2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD).
  • Dimensions are 58w x 55l x 15h.


Wi-Fi stacker board

  • 2.4-GHz MRC Support for Extended Range
  • Fully Calibrated: Production Calibration Not Required
  • Wi-Fi Direct Concurrent Operation (Multichannel, Multirole)
  • Bluetooth® and Bluetooth low energy
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Host Controller Interface (HCI) Transport for Bluetooth Over UART
  • Audio via TLV320AIC3104 With Mic in and HP out


From a technical perspective, the Cherry Blossom is a low-cost ARM Cortex A8 processor platform capable of running Windows embedded, Linux or Android. It can be integrated into any design with ease and runs at over 3 million Dhrystone operations per second.

The board is capable of interfacing to motor drivers, location or pressure sensors, 2D or 3D cameras (running OpenCV, OpenNI and other image collection and analysis software), HDMI, VGA and LCD displays, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also has a number of I/O, PWM, I2C and SPI pins and more.

Three versions of the board are available, all of which are fully footprint compatible. These include an AM3352 running at 600 MHz, AM3352 running at 800 MHz and AM3358 running at 1 GHz. A new module can be created for a specific project if built upon a solid business case, allowing Altron Arrow to offset the development cost against the opportunity.

The Cherry Blossom can be used as an intelligent sensor, processing video and making decisions, for example, or it can be used to collect data from multiple smaller sensors, using the various communication interfaces that are available. The collected data can then be easily pushed into the cloud.

For more information contact Field Application Engineer Conrad Coetzee on ccoetzee@arrow.altech.co.za



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