Connector Solutions for Industrial IOT

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - 09:45


Industrial Internet of Things is the continuous integration of various collections, control sensors, controllers, ubiquitous technology, mobile communication, intelligent analysis and other technologies with perception and monitoring capabilities into all aspects of the industrial production process, thereby greatly improving manufacturing efficiency and improving products Quality, reduce product costs and resource consumption, and finally achieve a new stage of upgrading traditional industries to intelligence. This time Mr DEGSON led everyone to enter the knowledge ocean of industrial sensing and understand the application of DEGSON round products in the industrial Internet of Things.


The development of the Internet of Things mainly has three levels: the perception layer, the network layer and the application layer. At the same time, there are 5 technologies in the application of the Internet of things, sensor technology, RFID radio frequency identification technology, embedded system technology, network communication technology and cloud computing. The circular connectors currently developed by DEGSON contribute the best solutions for manufacturing supply chain management, production process optimization, production equipment monitoring management, environmental monitoring and energy management, and industrial safety production management.


DEGSON , with its continuous innovation in the field of industrial connectors, has designed M series circular connectors that are highly reliable, impact-resistant and adapt to various complex environments. M5 and M8 circular connectors connect actuators, switches, PLCs and I/Os of industrial sensors to various automation systems. The diversification of products, the stabilization of functions, and their own light weight are deeply loved by everyone.


DEGSON M12 circular connectors are widely used in factory automation, test and monitoring equipment, food processing and industrial robots for data provision, signal and power transmission. DEGSON has developed different codes of A, B, D, X, S and T to meet the signal, data and power transmission in industrial sensors. A variety of error-proof codes can effectively avoid the occurrence of misinsertion in the operation of the operator. Consider for customers in terms of product functions and customer field wiring.


M12 connector encoding is a standardized and multifunctional technology. For example, X-encoded connector is an 8-core product for data transmission with a transmission speed of up to 10Gb/s; M12 A-encoded connector is used for sensors and encoders; M12 B-encoded Mainly used in industrial protocols PROFIBUS and INTERBUS; M12 D coding mainly uses 100M bit Ethernet transmission; M12 S coding and T coding mainly use power transmission.


DEGSON insists on customer-oriented. In order to satisfy customers' cable selection for industrial IoT, DEGSON provides cable products with a variety of customized options, which can meet almost all needs. The first is the traditional "standardized product" version, and the second is "customization" to fully meet the needs of customers in different industrial fields. DEGSON provides prefabricated cables made of PUR, PVC and LSZH with lengths of 1, 3, 5 and 10 meters. These cables can use M5, M8, M12, M16, 7/8" and RJ45 plug-in connectors, and can provide various sizes and color codes, so that the installation of power, signal or data cables can be clearly distinguished. 360 °Shielding, anti-vibration, oil resistance, protection grade IP65/IP68, and cable protection grade of -40℃-105℃ can ensure trouble-free operation, adding luster to the entire industrial Internet of Things.



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