CO2 condition monitoring with SCD4x CRUVI module

Monday, April 12, 2021 - 15:30

Arrow Electronics and Trenz Electronic developed a very small and comprehensive module for qualified CO2 measurements to support customers in their development and end products.


The SCD4x CRUVI module (32mm x 18mm) features the new miniature CO2 sensor SCD4x from Sensirion. The SCD40x family also hasvan integrated humidity sensor and temperature sensor.


To create full solutions with the CRUVI module and use it for condition monitoring applications, it features in addition an ambient light sensor and an ambient pressure sensor. For indication of a status or critical CO2 levels, an RGB LED can send out warning signals and a buzzer mounted on the bottom side of the module can generate acoustic signals.


The CRUVI module is available in standard configuration, can be ordered in high volume and full customised solutions according to your requirements can be delivered.


Key Features:

- SCD40/41 - Sensirion: CO2, humidity, temperature

- TSL25403 – AMS: Ambient light sensor

- LPS22HB – STMicro: Ambient pressure sensor

- RGB LED: Visual signals/alarms

- Buzzer (bottom): Acoustic signals/alarms



Ordering Code

CO2 Sensor


Specified Range

Low Power



± (50 ppm + 5 % of reading)

400 ppm – 2'000 ppm




± (40 ppm + 5 % of reading)

400 ppm – 5'000 ppm




The module is based on the new upcoming CRUVI standard, which consolidates best in class features to one common standard. Flexible scalability in form, signals, and function, including fixed mounting options, generates a performant platform for applications and enable integration directly into a product. CRUVI modules can be used with MCUs, CPUs and FPGAs. To start and evaluate you can use the “VHDPlus Core MAX10” board or a lowcost MAX1000 + adapter (CR00025) from Trenz Electronic.



The SCD40 is available at a special promotion price for the first 50pcs via Trenz Electronic at Altron Arrow this April. Customers can evaluate the CRUVI module immediately with:

  • MAX1000 board + small adapter
  • VHDPlus MAX10 board:
  • Or any other MCU/CPU board

The CO2 condition monitoring with SCD4x CRUVI module is available at Altron Arrow. Get in touch with Field Application Engineer – Conrad Coetzee on for more information.



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