Boost MCU Performance in Execute-in-Place Applications with Adesto’s Flash Memory

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 16:15


IoT designs are moving to the Execute-in-Place (XiP) architecture, however, the power consumption of the high-performance memory solutions used in these new designs can exceed the project’s power budget.


Adesto EcoXiP™ Octal Flash memory boosts the CoreMark™ performance of cache controllers and solves the power consumption issue by delivering 266Mbytes/sec at half the power of other octal flash solutions.


Adesto EcoXiP especially benefits applications employing:

      • The new generation of flash-less high performance MCUs
      • Fast boot / instant-on features    
      • Code extension memory
      • Reduced SRAM systems
      • Octal memory bus
      • Graphical UIs


Product Samples and Evaluation Kits Now Available.


Product samples are available and the evaluation kit is available to help make it easy to get the most from EcoXiP.


Order the EcoXiP-i.MX RT1050 NXP EVK through Altron Arrow by using the ordering information below:



Ordering Code

Evaluation Kit without Display

32 Mbit Flash with NXP iMX RT1050 Controller


Evaluation Kit with Display

32 Mbit Flash with NXP iMX RT1050 Controller


Flash Component

32 Mbit, 24 Ball Grid Array Package


Flash Component

32 Mbit, 29 Wafer Level Chips Scale Package



EcoXiP Delivers:

      • Blazingly fast Octal interface (up to 266Mbytes / sec)
      • Optimised for microcontroller cache controllers

      • Up to 50% lower power consumption than other high-speed Octal devices
      • 25% better power efficiency than other Quad devices for same Mbytes / sec

      • Less expensive than other high-speed Octal devices
      • Lower total solution cost than other Quad devices for same Mbytes / sec

JEDEC Support
    • xSPI standard JESD251 and 251-1
    • The new Reset Signalling Protocol JESD252
    • The latest version of SFDP JESD216D


For more information please contact:

Conrad Coetzee
Engineer:  Field Application PLM
Altron Arrow

+27 (0) 83 746 2616


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